Nuit à la Tour Eiffel Corset

Nuit à la Tour Eiffel Corset


The City of Light Sparkles At Night...

Stand at Notre Dame and emerge yourself in the caroling of the bells. 

Notice a beacon of Artistic Truth crossing your consciousness.

Race to one of the worlds icons of hueman triumph.

One night in October 2015 I stood awe struck as Le Tour Eiffel danced in the misty Parisian Night. Inspired by that moment I designed, with Parisian Elements, this glimmering corset. Featuring the same color scheme you would see from Champ De Mars, you will feel like a masterpiece while performing or just enjoying an evening out in this corset. The undercuts design is consistent with the Parisian inspired line. The sequins catch light beautifully and the long glass beads dance along with your movements. Lines pulling upward will accentuate your hourglass and pull focus to your hips. 

Stand out in a one of a kind, inspired by one of the wonders of the modern world!

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