Featuring JoRose

Imagined By Johanna Rose Burwell

A performance art piece that serves the purpose of examining Identity versus Purpose in a world entering The Age of Aquarius. The first half of the work focuses on the confusion caused by giving too much importance to the identification that is imposed on an individual by an outside world. The central (climactic) scene depicts a conversation where the performer comes to her purpose after a Cosmic Intervention. The second half reveals her as a teacher, helping others see that a larger consciousness is accessible as we move away from old ideas and definitions of life. The performances are based on the style of Josephine Baker. The performance numbers of the piece include Tap, 1920's Jazz, Operetta, Dans Savage, Aerial Hoop, Egyptian Stick and Contemporary Dance. The goal of the performance art piece was to be an example of the Transformational Quality of Art. As the artist is transformed on the stage, I hope to uplift the spectators. I aim to bring about a traditional cathartic experience through the joy of Josephine Bakers style of entertainment, and and optimistic rhetoric about the future.

Scene 6: Love and Optimism

Sound Cue: Stick Sound

Visual Cue: Light comes up abruptly on an unphased artist. She has aged slightly, she has entered the waning phase of her human cycle. balanced sitting in the lyra.


We Never UnBecame, We Just Forgot.

Free Will Allowed Us To Discover Fear,

And We've Used That Fear To Create A God.

The Birth Of An Imperfect God Like Us.

We Have Created God From Our Ego,

A Damaged Home Pained From Life Transitions.

We Have Silenced Our God Soul, Our True Selves.

In Favor Of Failed Concepts And Ideals.

We Have, In our Ego Justified Hate.

Atrocities Against Divine Beings,

-and our home itself-

In The Name Of Ego We've Killed, Destroyed.

Broken The World And The Spirits Within.

See, When We Hold God In Our Own Image,

Instead of the Reality Of “All,”

We Hold God In Ideals Of Separateness.

-I Have Heard The Human Heart Is Good,

But, It's The Only Place Where Evil Dwells.

-Shed A Layer; Leave Something Behind.

This Is The Same Story We've All Been Told. 

Sung Differently Under Aquarius.

We Now Embrace The Option To Evolve.

When We Argue About Destroying Earth,

We Miss That We Destroy It For Ourselves.

The Earth Will Weep For Us But Will Repair.

From Her Example We Leave Victimhood.

We Leave Chaos And Become Heroine.

Inside The Feminine Of Sacred Earth,

We Raise Our Consciousness, Accept Ourselves.

We Must Look Inward To Find Compassion,

Acceptance Of Our Fellow Spirit Beings.

The Balance Must Be Found Within Ourselves,

The Sacred Masculine And Feminine.

Old Tales Do Not Rule Our Awakening,

It's Not Requir'd That We Destroy The World,

To Find Ourselves Returned To Paradise.

Compassionate Awakening Is Key. 

-Shed A Layer Leave Something Behind.

In Times We Understood Ourselves Better,

We Find That We Cause Harm To Ourselves Less.

When We Begin To Heal The Heart Of Earth,

-We Dispel The Power Of Ego.

The Rhetoric Moves From Judgement And Greed,

To Support and Prevention Of Suf'fring.

So, Open And Embrace The Fact That-

(1) I

(1) Am,

(2) Because You 

(3) Are, and We

(5) Are All Parts Of God.

(8) This Virtuous Ideal Leads To Eudaimonia; Human Flourishing.

(13) The Healthy World That We All Deserve Being One With The Divine Spark.

(21) Join In Knowing That, “I Am Spiritual, I Move Beyond The Physical And Into The Light With Purpose, Love, Hope And Joy.”

So Now The Choice Is Left Within Your Heart.

Continue To Follow these Failed Concepts,

Or Step Forever On With Grace And Love.

This Work I've Done For You, Now It's Your Turn.

It Is Your Charge To Give To Someone Else.

Because It Never Has Been One Savior,

It's Seven Billion Humans Moving To-

Their Christ Consciousness and Taking Action.

Taking Responsibility.

This Should Be No Surprise, It's Nothing New.

We “Honor Our Body As A Temple,”

Our Bodies, Temples For HomoSidhas

-Elevate Because My Love, You Count.

You Matter, And The Truth Is, You Are Loved.