Parcours: A Life Journey

Parcours is the performance of a lifetime. It follows a spirit in human form as she discovers the world around her, rejects limitations and learns how to fly by finding her purpose.

The story is about me, it's about you. It is about all of us as the human race begins to wake up to our full potential. I am a musical theatre artist, I was tired of reading all the inspirational quotes about "being enough" while simultaneously trying to break into an industry that always pointed out what I lack. I developed Parcours out of my need to create, my passion for my art and my devotion to mankind.

Calling rEvolutionaries

Look, you don't need some conspiracy theorist telling you the world we live in is dying because of our way of living. You are connected to the soul of the Earth and deep down you already know it.

There is a way to ensure your happiness, your childrens happiness, their well being and the future of humanity...

In those times you made those hard decisions, stepped on that crab to get out of the barrel, turned a blind eye to a wrong doing, to help your family, so that they would not suffer, so that they "could have"...  
You made those decisions in the hope that your children would never have to, but more increasingly with every generation we make one more hard decision for our family, not one less.
In this ever conscious era Parcours will serve the purpose of demonstrating how a healthy, happy, benevolent world is within our grasp. Parcours is necessary because it will serve as a spark in the minds of people who can and will make a positive difference in our world.

Never Give Up

My entire existence as a performer has been an uphill battle, and I am not alone. Performers, rEvolutionaries, everyone struggling to find their path and honor their passion, fight everyday to realize a dream. Parcours is my Crusade, my gift of myself to the world, and nothing will stop me from fulfilling that calling.

Parcours 2015 Team

Imagined By Johanna Rose Burwell Performed By JoRose

Directed By JaMeeka D. Burrell

Lyra Training: Kate Bera

Choreography: Renee "Cha Cha" Settle

Music: Jocelyn Ellis

Music: Gingee