Solar Return Recap: Welcome to the next stage of the rEvolution


Happy Aries Season!

Seriously. I just crossed the threshold of my 32nd solar return, which means technically, I’m embarking on my Jesus Year (33). As an artist I have achieved a lot since moving back to Durham, and I have so much more coming up. This year, I finally attempt to synthesize all the lessons I have learned over the last 14 years of University, living in entertainment cities and travelling the world. Most recently some of you may have caught me in Justice Theatre Projects’ Men On Boats directed by one of my favorite theatre professionals Jules Odendahl-James. The show was covered by local Gonzo Journalism Zine The Durham Beat. This month I am receiving my aerial certification from Cirq-Fit, and will start offering workshops in beginner pole and lyra, in addition to burlesque and acting coaching. Upcoming bookings include a fashion show for Meek Makings, an Art Pop Up with CNote Foundation. I have a night of performance art and yoga to premiere at The Carrack, and am in conversation with one of my mentors about a potential aerial straps number with her company in October. To round it out I will be unleashing Cult-Your Nights in Durham starting this summer.

Cult-Your Nights is a series of one night only cabaret style performances that will bring lighthearted, quality, entertainment to local bars in Durham, (to hit ‘em with art where they already are). The idea behind Cult-Your Nights is to riff on popular culture and cult classics with burlesque, comedy and dance and circus acts.

Wow! Now I’ve intimidated myself, but anything worth doing is worth doing while scared, and post haste. So, I’m totally excited, and ready to create and celebrate with you. I just finished redesigning my website, (yup all by myself) and that will be one of the best places to keep up with dates and such.

And, of course, creation takes financing. You are my base, and so as hard as it is to ask, I am asking. I have finally created a Patreon at the encouragement of Chris Ubik, and as my friends, family, fans with maybe a few pennies to share, please consider becoming my patron. There are tiers from $5-$100 a month, and if it suits you, it can be a congratulations for making it another year, still arting, still liberating.

JoRose Patreon Link

As always, in gratitude.

Johanna Rose b.k.a JoRose

Johanna Burwell