(dialogue in parenthesis is in
                              time but out of place, not quite
                              an echo. we never see the BOYS
                              mouth move except to smile.)
                                                           PART ONE THE RIDE

               Fade in: Subway station 1st POV. A train passes by, close.
               Too Close for comfort, it is clear we are standing with our
               toes on the edge. A reflection becomes clear in the train
               windows. A black boy about 8 years old in an average blue and
               red jacket. focus. he breathes in. Slow motion on the train,
               the last moments of Amiri Barakas "The Dutchman" take place.
               Back out, blur the mirror. The little boy (us) waves hey to
               a little white girl across the platform. They are the same
               age, exploring the city without adults.

               He takes up his bike, and starts to exit the train station.
               It's clearly chilly, not cold. His hood is on. He stops to
               watch older kids play basketball. They are joyful, showing
               competitive aggression. He learns from observation, looks
               forward to the day he would be able to play with them, rides

               He rides past gentrification. People cleaning hybrid cars.
               Walking shelter rescues. Various pride flags. In focus a
               Black Lives Matter sign with only the "Lives Matter" portion
               seen as he passes. He turns a corner, (specifically turns a
               corner). We can see that this is where "new America" ends.
               The street is worn down. From across the street we see him
               pass by two or three boarded up houses.

               Close up on "WE BUY HOUSES FOR CASH."

               From above we see an older black boy pass by on a
               skateboard, they regard each other.

               He pulls into a neighborhood cornershop. He is now in a
               pseudo gentrified area. The first two or three "brave souls"
               to take on a "dangerous" street. He leaves his bike on the
               kickstand outside the cornerstore, untied. He walks in,
               grabs a soda and bag of chips. Focus on candy, we see him
               walk past. Flash to the image of the little girl on the
               subway platform. He grabs a bag of M&Ms and walks toward the
               front of the store.

                                   SHOP OWNER
                         (stern, almost accusatory) Can I
                         help you with something?

               BOY looks up, a Jewish SHOPOWNER switches from a cold stare
               to a warm smile. He smiles back. He passes a wad of cash,
               probably enough. The SHOPOWNER unfolds the cash, directs a
               greeting to his family and they part. The SHOPOWNER puts the
               cash in the drawer and the change in a jar for a school

               He puts the snacks in his bag and the candy in his pocket.
               We see him leave and ride past fences and empty lots. A
               couple different POVs as he accelerates. Shots of him
               smiling enjoyng the speed on an empty street.

               He passes a cop car parked perpendicularly on a side street.
               POV switches to inside the cop car over his shoulder. We see
               the BOY pass by fast as the COP gets a call for a shoplift in
               a nearby neighborhood. Lights up, short siren.

                                                       PART TWO THE EXCHANGE

               BOY stops in the middle of the road. Stands on his bike. COP
               gets out, we see his badge. DUTCH

                         Hey there. What were you going so
                         fast for?

                         {no answer, faces forward}

                         Don't you think that's a little

                         {sways, shrugs shoulders, still

                         {stops} You wanna step off your
                         bicycle for me?

                         {shakes head no, still forward}

               POV switch to the BOYS face. His body language from the back
               seems nonchalant, but now we see the fear on his face. POV
               switch to officer, he tilts his head.

                         I need you to step away from your
                         bike so I can talk to you. (beat)
                         You afraid to talk to me?

                         {doesn't move}

                         Shouldn't be afraid to talk to me
                         if you got nothing to hide. You
                         got something to hide, son?

                         {pauses, shakes head no}

                         Alright then. Step away from your
                         bike and talk to me. (beat) Now,
                         you on that bike, you could ride
                         away. I'm out of my car. if I step
                         closer, you could ride off. Now,
                         you do that I have to get back in
                         my car and catch up to you, and you
                         got nothing to hide right? So why
                         don't you level the playing field
                         here, and come talk to me?

               BOY sinks head, grabs handle bars. POV switches to COPS
               eyes, flash of fright.

                         Hold on, don't move!

               At the same time the BOY steps his bike around to face the
               officer, the COP pulls his weapon. BOY has stale face,

                         Step away from your bike like I

               POV to just the BOYS eyes, he shakes his head "no" we see
               the gesture, but his eyes don't move. We see a new fear take
               over the officers eyes beyond the barrel of his gun.

                         Now, why you gotta do that? Huh? I
                         was just tryna talk, now look what
                         you made me do.

               Close up on BOYS eyes, one squints as if the air dried it

                         STEP AWAY FROM YOUR BIKE!

                         (beat) {no}

                         Why are you doing this? (beat)
                         Answer me! I'm not that guy! I'm
                         the good guy! You just don't

                         {stale face}

                         I'M NOT RACIST! YOU! You don't
                         (hands) JUST GET OFF THE GOD
                         DAMNED BIKE! (echo)

                                                       PART THREE DREAMSTATE

               Blurred focus. Black background. We see the BOYS eyes pass
               in the void.

                         I am the cost of revolution. The
                         wind was so fast. (It all happened
                         so fast) I said (I said)...I said.
                         You're going to take my life and
                         you don't even know why. You are a
                         good man (man). This man he was
                         activated by a fear-full world.
                         (and he didn't even know why)

               Cut to a dim reflection to the COP that day in the BOYS

                         I have a family. (I have a family)
                         I have to protect them.

                         {eyes squint} From what? Who
                         taught you to fear me?

                         I have to make them proud! I have
                         to have power. I HAVE TO HAVE

                         Why do you feel powerless?

                         I HAVE TO PROTECT MY FAMILY! I
                         HAVE TO PROVIDE FOR THEM! I HAVE
                         TO MAKE THEM PROUD OF ME!

               BOYS eyes widen, something has awakened a mutual

                         I have to save my family.

               BOY blinks, pull out to full image of BOY in the void. Image
               flips to a different child, and another. Images of children
               replacing his flip faster and faster until we cannot
               distinguish individual children, just that they take up
               space this void. Back to BOY

                         (breathes hard) I have to save my

                                                           PART FOUR THE SIN

               GUNSHOT. Back to present. Both BOY and COP shake the dream
               away and blink, look at each other. Tears stream down both
               of their faces. Pull out frame, the BOY bleeds, calms, looks
               up, collapses over.

               BLACK OUT

               GUNSHOT. IN. COP still holding gun at BOY. From behind the
               COPS shoulder we see the BOY still holding his bike. We
               cannot tell if he has been shot but his face looks fine.
               Pull out the COP has a wound through his heart, a small
               surreal trickle of blood down his back.

               BLACK OUT Screams. IN. Close up of BOYS bloody sleeve, M&Ms
               in his hand.

               BLACK OUT. IN. The little girl runs up front porch steps,
               into her house. With the sound of the door we see a sigh of
               relief that her daughter is home. The girl hands an art
               project to her MOM, we don't see it.

                         (smiles) It's lovely. Go finish up
                         your homework so that you can
                         spend time with your dad when he
                         gets home.

               She puts the artwork on the refrigerator. They embrace.
               Switch frame, we see M&Ms on the table. Slow movement to the
               refrigerator, at the bottom of the art project (a black and
               white photo framed in red consruction paper) By: Sarah Dutch
               in blue ink. Scan up, it is a picture of her hugging the
               boy. Title of the work "My New Friend Brian" 

                                   BOYS MOTHERS VOICE
               (frantic but trying) Hi, yes my son hasn't made it home from
               school yet and I'm a little worried.

               Fade out as we close in on the joyful eyes of the BOY in the

               FINAL BLACK