Narcissus Fulfilled

Painted Faces

Beaten Up Dreams

Murmured Perfections Reach Across Time.

Painted Faces

Costly And Painful

Hours On End Reach Out For Validation

Painted Faces

Angular, Prideful

Smeared By Insults

Running In Hidden Tears

Paint Your Face

Lift Your Soul

A Queen You Are

Stripped Or Made.

We are Narcissus. But we are broken. We wake up in the morning and cover our imperfections. Then we post pictures reinforcing the idea that our perfections are our only worth. We paint ourselves, and indulge in the delusion of the ideal "me," This is what we walk into the world with, the face that we show. Our Accomplishments, Clothing, Jewels, only.

My message is this, Love your flaws, your imperfections, your tears, your struggles, your journey, your story.

YOU MATTER, my love.

Every part of you is Royal, every deficiency, every glitch. In every perceived inadequacy, you are a perfect expression of the divine spark. Paint what you like, but plunge in the water with the stripped you. Inundate your soul with the immortal being inside your aesthetic wrapping.

Xo JoRose


Abandon entouré d'abandon,
tendresse touchant aux tendresses…
C'est ton intérieur qui sans cesse
se caresse, dirait-on;

se caresse en soi-même,
par son propre reflet éclairé.
Ainsi tu inventes le thème
du Narcisse exaucé.

    -- Rainer Maria Rilke

Abandon surrounding abandon,
Tenderness touching tenderness…
Your oneness endlessly
Caresses itself, so they say;

Through its own clear reflection.
Thus you invent the theme
of Narcissus fulfilled.

Written By Morten Lauridsen for Les Chansons des Roses, This recording is performed by The Los Angeles Master Chorale Directed by Paul Salamunovic.

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