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I always talk about "Omens," but unless you've read The Alchemist, (which I recommend you do) you may not be familiar with my intention because we usually think of "bad" omens instead of the Spiritual Guides that I follow.

Auspice though, is a French word, meaning a favorable sign, a prognostication that originally came from the observation of birds. Since I am Divinely drawn to flight, with my Phoenix Owl at my Solar Plexus and my tattered wings, I think that adopting the term auspice from now on, is in and of itself an auspice for my journey.

So, my latest auspice is the way the Multiverse sent me an Artistic-Queen-Creator-Goddess for the continued development of Parcours.

Renee "ChaCha" Settle has joined my team of creators, because I opened my purpose to the world and her brother, my friend and coworker thought enough of me to put us in contact. A Howard University Graduate and current Somebody, Renee works as an artist choreographer/ performer/ instructor in Los Angeles, and she will be choreographing a ritual dance for Parcours.

After a meeting at the Hudson Theatre, (the very place that the journey began) both her Spirit and enthusiasm for Parcours rang loudly as the Multiverse again whispered, "You're on the right path, Jo"

And for that I am grateful.

As I continue to find Auspices in the mundane day to day activities, like going to my day job, I encourage you to do the same.

Trust Your Path, Know Your Worth and Share Your Journey. You never know when your words will find and place the bridge over the canyon you hadn't quite figured out how to cross yet.


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