For The Love of A Muse

Muses are one of the most wonderful gifts we can allow ourselves because they help us practice the second of the Three basic forms of Love, Appreciation.

Somewhere in our evolution, we got confused and began to think that Love was about possession. That line of thought has ultimately manifested itself in our overwhelming habit of Loving possessions and using people. This manifestation probably also has a base in the reality that we are so often hurt when we finally realize that that person we Love is not a "thing" we own. We can trust possessions that we own. They don't disappoint, except for the fact that they also don't fulfill.

There are two points to be made here.

One: In order to Love at all you must Love yourself first. Take care of yourself. Forgive yourself. Never settle because it is easy. When you push yourself to get the things you want out of life, then you are even more capable of Loving someone else. Knowing that your happiness isn't reliant upon but ultimately complimented by their presence in your life.

Two: Along the way of finding, creating and Loving yourself, find one.. or three... or nine Muses. Find companions that inspire you, keep you on track, or take you on a detour, so that you can experience all that this life has to offer on your journey. These Muses are usually temporary. Even if they stay with you for ever their role and distance, frequency and weight in your life will change over time. If you are conscious in your interactions with them, you will Appreciate them and they will allow you to practice Love without ownership. We all have Muses through life and too often we fall in Love (whether we want to admit it of not) and hurt ourselves when we realize that these companions, who have contributed so much to our personal growth (negatively and positively) are not ours to keep. If we consciously Appreciate our Muses, then when are are READY for a Romantic lasting companionship, we won't be so frightened of losing them that we try to control our way through the relationship. We will Appreciate them for all that they bring to our lives and never try to possess out of fear, because once again fear is the opposite of Love.


Johanna BurwellComment