The Case Of Feminism

Note: This Post Pairs With "TheWomanWhoWouldBeKing" PortFolio Piece In Honor Of Hatshepsut.

Our world is divisive.

So often instead of seeing each other as we are (all connected), we focus on the small details that make us different. This is not to say that we should ignore the differences, they are what make is unique expressions and we should honor them (Love each other) but, instead we acknowledge our differences and fear one (An)(Other). This "Otherness" is deeply ingrained in us and it is actually the biggest obstacle on the path to true Freedom, Love, Happiness and Enlightenment.

Even when we attempt to uplift each other we often divide, believing that our own specific ideology is the only way. Attempting to conquer through ostracization.

The Feminist movement is currently suffering from othering, which could begin with the realization that the word "Feminism" in and of itself separates one group from (an)(other). Of course some activists will say that the word is necessary to call attention to the issue, rather than just using Humanism (which again would separate humans from all other Sacred Beings, which we are not)

Within the "Feminist Movement" there are people defining who can and cannot be considered a Feminist based on their practices. These ideas of acceptable and unacceptable practices, it must be noted, are frequently straight out of the patriarchal dogma. Feminists can't be sexy, because if you're sexy it's for men. Feminists aren't allowed to enjoy sex, because its all or nothing. Either you like men and live under the established protocol, or you are asexual. The idea that women who uphold a respect for men and a desire for them in their lives cannot be feminists.

Its a dance within a broken system, divisive and anticlimactic. Battles will be won, sure, but once those battles are won we fall right back into the same imbalance. We fight for rights that no one had authority to take away in the first place by acknowledging otherness. Once we "Level the Playing Field" by calling upon our sameness, we all come from a Womban who needed a Man to create Life... We may start breaking the ground towards balance. In a matriarchal society, the Feminine and Masculine there is mutual respect and honor of the Divinity and Grace in both parties. Even anatomically we are essentially the same.

So, every(one) is human, and every(thing) is sacred and should be honored and respected. All of our worth, bestowed upon us, our birth right, from The All, the Multiverse. Feminism should lead to the ultimate goal of allowing Womban and Men, and every self identification in between to express themselves, show their strength, as they are, and be accepted and Loved regardless. That Every Womban does as she wants, as she believes, guided by her own inner truth and Divine Spark, not expectations imposed on her by an imperfect society. We as Spiritual Beings should value each other. It is our Divine Right to use this Earth experience to Live, Learn to Feel and Love, Grow and Leave a Mark.

So that others may see. Live and Be an Example of What is Possible.

What is True.

What is Beautiful.

and why we are all part of the same Spirit. Only when we Honor it in each other do we do we find it in ourselves. So Dance, Dream, Stumble On and Love Everybody in the process.


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