The Romance of Terra The Worship of Sol

Did you know that as we head into the Age of Aquarius, there are studies that suggest that our SUN (son) is actually a part of a Binary System? There could be another entity, possibly a brown dwarf (a protostar that never grows large enough to ignite and become a star) that dances a tango of jealousy with our Sun ~God~ causing imbalances in our system which could have lead to mass extinctions on Terra every 23 and/or 65 million years. Talk about Good and Evil, it's even referred to as the "Nemesis" Star. Dope. I think Nemesis' Love for our Sun is just misunderstood. I will rename her Nalaia, that's prettier.

ANYWHO that's not really what this post is about. This post is about Love. (Spoiler Alert: All Posts Will Be About Love.)

I frequently muse on how absolutely true it is that Gravity is the purest form of Love. Terra smothers us with Love, even when it hurts. Even when it would need to release us from its Love so we could fly, just in order to live, Terra pulls us back and in the end consumes us within herself.  In life we are pulled toward each other and situations that give us opportunity for growth and sets us on the path of our Personal Legend.

As for the Sun (Sol) , our current understanding is that there is one Sun aiding our life and growth, with so much Love for us that it keeps us in constant orbit. Swings us around, giving us extra Love in the Spring and Fall, pulling us back when we stray in the Summer/Winter.

Terra, Feminine, curvaceous, fertile and beautiful Loves Sol back. Consistently tilted in its direction, faithful in her companionship. However, her suitors are many. Most of all Luna, pulling Terras tides, in her courtship. Terras children though nourished by and reliant on Sol turn their faith to other Celestial Gods within and without the home system.


Just as Terra is pulled and in connection with all of her Celestial Courtesans so are we on the ground as her children. We are distracted by each other the Love we emit and the Love that we need. Love is all that there is, but as humans we have forgotten that Love is All There Is. That we can Be and Love without abusing it by only practicing Romantic Love. We are conflicted when we Love more than we have been taught that we are supposed to, cause pain when we act on Love irresponsibly, and become destructive to ourselves, humanity and Terra when we desert Love out of our confusion and adapt a life lived in Fear instead.

Just as Terra Loves  Sol, Luna and all of her companions in different ways we are to Love each other. Someone is your Jupiter, god of the Oceans, your Mars, companion in "war" Luna may be your best friend turning your tides and regulating your cycles, your Venetian  morning star. You have seasonal constellations, those who stay and share Love only for a short time with their own purpose and effect.

What we must hope is that just as no matter how far Terra gets from Sol they return to each other, one day across our independent life paths our Gravity pulls us together with our Sol-Mate. Your Sol is your partner, who gives life to the whole being that you already are. In the partnership you are both at once Sol and Terra. Constant forces in each others lives, worshiping the Divine Light within and respecting, not ever feeling threatened or Fearful of the Love your Sol-Mate shares with other Celestial Beings. Sol is not jealous of Luna, but shares light with Terras closest companion, which only makes Terra all the more beautiful. Terra respects Jupiter although Sol shares its Gravity and Light with this very different larger body. The Love Sol has for Terra is hers and hers only.

You should hope to find your Sol-Mate. You will respect each others boundaries and see beauty in all of the Love and Life that other forces have had on your partner. You will bring out the best in each other and share your Light so that they shine even more beautifully.

And... Every so often a Brown Dwarf may come around and shake things up out of jealousy. Relationships aren't easy, but believe me, Sol is worth it.

As Above, So Below


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