Black Soul

Black hole via University of Warwick / Mark A. Garlick

Black hole via University of Warwick / Mark A. Garlick

Turn your gaze on the rising light that By nature avoids detection.

Allow yourself to be drawn to the point of no return,

See that haunting event horizon.

Split the light from this vantage point Illuminating the chaotic expanse within.

The stars, Living hot and fast creating a Legacy of burning light elements.

The chain of events That Inevitability, where order disappears.

That strange dark sphere exploiting its environment with its influence.

That work of Theory where energy transforms matter.

That warped space time.

That turmoil of mergers Where things move faster towards the center,

And still fight to rise back above.

The purpose of matter is to distort the space around it.

Stars blow off their fuel and collapse.

Imprisoning their own light, they come into existence.

On this third dimension, they wrap themselves in a gravitational field.

The dark mysterious sphere still takes in all light,

But here, light is reimagined to define the Universe around them.

Not what you believe, a hole in space

Instead, an enveloping of the Universe in an Iris to begin a life cycle.

A traveling across time to a human existence,

To take in and reassemble the Light, and Love Eternally.

Xo, JoRose


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