And this year when chaos returned, even she was silent. In solace with Him she rose and fell without a trace. Underneath, half their BeLoved tipped towards death. Their children, in a cacophony of mislead Celebration and confused Anarchy swayed dangerously close to an edge they refused to acknowledge.

“If they could only see themselves as we see them,” she thought, “they would understand the freedom that is their birth right.”

It seemed so simple, but Luna failed to consider the youth of the children. Sol, Loving as ever, even in Terras far off spin, gazed on his Love and warmed Luna,

“You ask much of an infant slowly wakening. They will lose many things needlessly, that's true, but this time the light will prevail.” Luna knew this to be true, and it pained her that there was, and would be so much suffering, but for a second turn she stayed with Sol. “Imagine wakening, blessed with the epiphany that all of life is an experience of the Cosmic! That there is no end, only remembering and resting. It is difficult, but they will see. Even in one's own low swing on the pendulum of a cycle, there is an equal balance happening for another, who is also themselves. That is what we are giving them.”

Terra turned her tears away, on the third day she wept. She knew the way would be excruciating. She did not know how much damage would be done to her beautiful body as her children shed their ideals the only way they knew how, but she knew she would recover. For every fallen soul she would moan, she would cry out in agony, and then, her own Da'at would be silenced.

Sol began to rise again, starting the cycle on a new point. The path had begun, the children who were to be the teachers awakened, and took their charge. It was a long journey, but Sol and Luna would be there, as they always had been, in support of Terra and their children throughout all of existence.

Let there be... Light.

Forgive the Missing Crown Chakra Please! This post is about opening the Third Eye.   

Forgive the Missing Crown Chakra Please! This post is about opening the Third Eye.


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