"Create And Live Forever" -Paradyce

This is The Tour de Eiffel, Not Montmartre, but you get the point, pic and post two different locations.

From Montmartre, the highest point in Paris, in a cafe named Cabaret de la Bohème with a cognac and a knot in my stomach I free the third type of Love, Creation. (The Opposite Of War Isn't Peace...It's Creation. -Johnathan Larson)

The All, the Divine Creative Spark that we come from and carry within us is closest to our Human-Being when WE Create, that is when we are most like God.

Creation comes in so many forms, and whether we realize it or not, it is always a Labor of Love. Creation in our dimension tends to demand a lot of us. Unlike The All that Creates with thought and cyclical pieces of itself, we have to use things outside of ourselves to Create. We write, paint, sculpt, organize, build, design, and birth. Creation as Love is the thing that we leave behind, it is our mark on this Earth. It can never die because it lives on in the works of Creation it inspires.

The World (r)evolves by Creation. When we look for romantic partners to pro-create with, do we not seek the matching piece to ourselves? We are biologically engineered to Create  New Humans that are an advancement of ourselves, the Younger, Stronger, Faster Us. It is the same with all Creations. When we demand the best of ourselves, when we work hard and to the fullest of our potential we free the Divine Spark within us, in our Creation. So comrades, fellow REvolutionaries Focus! Seek! and Release! Find Peace by Freeing the God Within. Create in Love and Live Forever!

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