October 12 2014

When I was at Carolina I took a media studies class. The Professor was a Grad Student, and he was so enthusiastic, (at least outwardly) that I nicknamed the class "Mediasness." This was also the class that I met @Will_Wildfire. It was a lot to take in as the Professor explained that "Media" was any and everything. Not just the social applications on my smartphone, it was the smartphone itself. It (media) was the mediation, the mediator, the medium(s) by which the world around us was transported. Also, in my young adulthood, old people made fun of how much time we spend wrapped up in our technology. We have been labeled the "Me" Generation, but "We" must remember that what we see in others is what we know about ourselves. These elders who, we learned the hard way, did not have all the answers, are the ones keeping us from jobs. They label us selfish and lazy, meanwhile they drive their accomplishments, their creations into the ground rather than pass the reigns over to the Younger, Smarter, Faster them. They made fun of us for choosing Social Media over their antiquated paper news system and television reporters. Their mediums die out, or run into the manipulating hands of Rupert Murdoch. WE through trial and error have lifted social media to a veritable force in the mediation of the world around us. We don't trust the news as far as we could throw a TV (that doesn't adapt to WIFI), but we yell, online - to each other. We Rage about a world we have been cut out of. We express in the way we are watched that we are not fooled. We know you're there. We know our politicians are money hungry clowns. We know we can't trust you and now with social media, we know that we have each other, and that's all we need to build our own world. You're welcome to join us... whenever.


The REvolution

Johanna BurwellComment