Parcours: The Beginning

"Allow me to reintroduce myself... My name is" JoRose. I am the free spirit inside Johanna Rose Burwell. I am the reason she has never given up on her purpose. I wouldn't let her quit when people told her she'd never be able to dance, that she can't sing. I sent her to AMDA in NYC after she wasn't cast in shows at UNC Chapel Hill. The whisper bugging her to study Beyoncé, and to be consistently curious about why the world doesn't add up. You can thank me and that curiosity for her first One Woman Show "The Sacred Feminine." She moved to Los Angeles, California, a place SHE never wanted to be, because of my restlessness. When you look at her and wonder, why she can seem fearless, relentless... It's not her. It's me.

Now, don't get me wrong she's great, and of course I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her imagination and dreams. I nag and push her forward, but she is the fighter. The actual person who never gives up. She actually just recently let me loose, gave me a name (Well, the name Marjie and Dwight gave me back in 2007).

So, with all that said, here is what's going on now. The world is broken, the industry is broken. We got tired of hearing we weren't "enough" but then reading all those inspirational quotes about how we "are". So keeping the brokenness in mind, and realizing that at 27 we are exactly who we always wanted to be, we decided to take on the true purpose of this life. To take responsibility of fixing it.

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”― Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you Gandhi. Like that wise man said, we may not make a difference, but we must try.

So Johanna has been researching, writing, compiling, collaborating and gaining as much bravery as possible over the last few months. She was originally inspired by a One Man Show in the Hollywood Fringe Festival by Arthur Ross called "Shuffle Along," and also by one of her customers pulling her aside and telling her how much she reminded him of Josephine Baker.

So, what is in development is a one woman performance art piece called "Parcours" (French for Journey, she's so fancy)

We went to France to study Josephine Baker. We visited her castle Chateau de Milandes in the Dordogne region of Southern France, and got research clearance in Paris to the Bibliothèque nationale de France to further our understanding of her life and art. Ironically, although the script is not based on Josie Bakers life, man does it mirror. Maktub

This past weekend, Johanna met for the first time with her Lyra Choreographer who also studied in Paris. Kate Bera is a champion Vertical Dancer who trained specifically on Lyra/Aerial Hoop at the École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois. They are working on the cosmic intervention piece that uses the music of Jocelyn Ellis, Johannas' sista from anotha mista.

Also this weekend Johanna met one of the most inspiring souls she has in a long time. London McCall is a fellow Tar Heel living in Southern California getting a Masters degree in Positive Psychology. She has also started an apparel company she has named Sens De La Vie, that focuses on life purpose. Talk about omens- "Meaning of Life" "Journey" London has agreed to assist in costuming the Cosmic Intervention.

Wow, this is a long one, sorry y'all. We are almost done... With the guidance of her very mystical sister and fellow theatrical expert JaMeeka Holloway, she got an outline down on paper and wrote this short abstract.

"I am creating a performance art piece that will serve the purpose of examining Identity versus Purpose in a world entering The Age of Aquarius. The first half of the work will focus on the confusion caused by giving too much importance to the identification that is imposed on an individual by an outside world. The central (climactic) scene depicts a conversation where the performer comes to her purpose after a Cosmic Intervention. The second half reveals her as a teacher, helping others see that a larger consciousness that is accessible as we move away from old ideas and definitions of life. The performances will be based on the style of Josephine Baker. The performance numbers of the piece will include Tap, 1920's Jazz, Operetta, Dans Savage, Aerial Hoop, Egyptian Stick and Contemporary Dance. The goal of the performance art piece is to be an example of the Transformational Quality of Art (theatre). As the artist is transformed on the stage, I hope to uplift the spectators. I aim to bring about a traditional cathartic experience through the joy of Josephine Bakers style of entertainment, and and optimistic rhetoric about the future."

...and so to recount, I am the Love inside of Johanna. I Love her, and her Dream, but most of all I Love you, all of you, and the Love inside of you. The Divine Spark that keeps your Dreams alive, for yourselves, for your children... for our future as an Earth community of spirit beings.

Follow Along, just like all true art, this project is in service to you. We owe our gifts back to the God in you and all over the world, the Multiverse we came from, that assigned us this fire at birth.



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