Hello, I Love You Can You Tell Me Your Name

It was November 20th. The year doesn't matter, you can assign one if you desire. An artist sat. We are entering his world well along his quest, his journey had begun a long time ago. His current assignment was to rediscover St. Davids Chords. It wasn't an easy task, for you see he had chosen sculpture as his medium. His work, up until this point struck chords of lack, chords of pain. The winds from the shores of his village gasped in awe at his creations, his quick rise in ability; but he (and the divine that supplied the gift) knew that no matter how renowned he grew, or how wise he became in the pursuit, his Liberty relied on achieving that magic chord. For four years he travelled, letting his guides find the prima materia that he would use to create his masterpieces. On hills, in green fields, in the metropolis he created works that channeled the world to be both beautiful and musical. He never left his name, the signature was the sound the wind made as it passed through his design. 

As he sat this day in the sun, running theories of form and new angles through his mind, a shadow passed his weary eyelids interrupting his inner gaze. He rose to catch a glimpse of a figure. Walking now, but ever so lightly along the ground too far ahead, he thought to have been the shadow. The image had weight but little form. Almost certain it was a person, when he attempted to discern a gender, he saw that what he thought was flowing hair was a pair of wings. 

Something rose within him. He had mingled with guides before but this, this muse carried the light and the dark. Having interrupted his gaze, she now stood in his presence with the rays to he face allowing Sol to kiss her body and sending that passion from behind her to his heart. He realized he was speaking to the apparition...

"Hello, I Love You. Can You Tell Me Your Name?"

She turned and smiled. She replied. "Thank you, I Love You Too. My name is your song. She turned back to the sun and it shined brighter. He closed his eyes, once again taking in the gift of light to his Third Eye, and the light moved directly to his mind. When he opened his eyes to join her she was gone. A trail of iridescent feathers linked their previous positions. He collected the feathers for his work. A dedication to the muse only there for a while, and yet with the world through his work. Forever. 

To Continue...

Your EGO is your lower Consciousness. Protecting, so it thinks, the body and itself.

Your BODY which is your Earthly home, is Perfect because it was given to you by the Cosmic, for the Evolution of your SPIRIT.

Opposite? Let's just consider it for a moment.

Your Body is absolutely capable, being one with the Multiverse.

Your Consciousness is actually the Foreign Body. The newest experiment of THE ALL as it attempts to examine itself from within.

Your Ego is is your Doubting Thomas...

“Prove it to Me”

Your Body is your God, I Am so I AM.

all you really need at any point in this realm is to call the Multiverse into your Consciousness to relax the Ego and trust the Body.

We have been fooled into hating our Bodies, but they are our Earthly Gods. It is why we always try to reassign gods in our image.

Because our body is god.

It fixes itself.

It runs on its own.

No need for the Conscious Ego at all really.

No need for it other than to think... about... breathing.

Breath is the only body function, that we have a choice to control.

When we Unite, YOKE, the the Body and Mind, the Yin and Yang, the God and Consciousness through Yoga or Meditation, we are balanced. The God runs itself as the Sun, Moon and Wind, so that the Mind can achieve the God Purpose.


The Spirit which is the Calling (Seed)

The Mind which travels the Earth (Fruit)

The Body which is perfect and whole (Tree)


You Are a Tree: Fed by the Sun and Water

Your Fruit must Grow: Supplemented by your Roots and Leaves

You Produce the Seed: Which only can or cannot succeed once you release it. Once you pass it on, your Spirit must Seed the Earth, no matter what.


This is the Only Matter of Consequence, this is the Purpose of the Realm.

Welcome, To Durham.

Image from americantobaccocampus.com

Move to Durham In the Spring

When the Farmers Market opens at 8 am on Saturdays! You can walk the streets enjoying world class food, eclectic music and brush elbows with venture capitalists and community co-op members. You can enjoy art walks!


Just, don't look to the left, where the natives struggle to make ends meet, and don't wonder how the artists or people working downtown can afford to make it day to day to create these experiences for you.


Move to Durham in the Spring!

You can purchase a fixer upper in a highly monitored neighborhood for pennies on the dollar. Within a year you will be surrounded by others, like minded, wealthy, forward thinking colorblind folks! The New Great Americans!


Just don't get to know the neighbors who have been there for years, it makes it more difficult to call the cops on them if you know them as actual hueman beings.


When you move to Durham in the Fall

You see people begin to put things on lay away to make a way for a happy-ish holiday.


In the late fall watch the Lucky Strike Water Tower Light up in the multi-million dollar American Tobacco District!


When you move to Durham in the Fall

It becomes harder to avoid the literal tent cities set up at the exit ramps of Southpoint Mall.


In the fall you can watch the leaves change from the banks of the Eno River or on a canoe on Jordan Lake!



With more thriving start ups than any other historically black... wait, what?

Excuse me... than any other “progressive” city in the South!

Welcome To!


Welcome to Durham where two days ago “I had to watch someone take their last breath.” In his eyes was all of his own city that he never got to know. It was his city, and he never got an opportunity to figure it out.


This is history repeating itself. People with “resources” coming into an area that isn't “civilized” “modernized” “streamlined” yet. Removing the people who were there, who were surviving, who had figured out a way to at least live, for the outsiders own interests, and with the help of middle men after the outsiders capital.


Gentrification is the new, politically correct version of colonialism. The idea that “We can do better with what you have than you can, and what can you do to stop us from taking it anyway?” and many quieter “well meaning” people saying “well, WE'RE not displacing these people, we are just 'helping' to fix up the neighborhood.” Meanwhile, the system sneaks in causing mistrust on both sides, until the “mixed” neighborhood is won out by the ones with money, for fear of what those who “have nothing to lose” at this point, may do to save their last strand of dignity.


When I have a conversation with a man who moved from Kansas City two weeks ago, to Durham, because Raleigh was “too stuck up and white,” he pridefully says “There's Linda! (name changed out of respect) and proceeds to say how he passes her “working the streets” everyday on his path from his $2000/mo renovated tobacco warehouse 2 bedroom apartment in West Village to his job at American Underground and “when she can remember his name” he gives her money. I replied, “yes, we know Ms Linda, she likes our coffee. She even joked the other day that when it turns warm out we would be chasing her away, which of course, we never would.”


When that same day, that same moment I turn to take care of a task and hear the story of a POC who had moved here about a year ago witnessing tragedy outside of her apartment.


I don't care about people moving around. I love that my city is changing, becoming more artistic, busier. If there was anything I learned in Egypt it was ALWAYS welcome the tourists, they may be dumb, but they save the economy. The problem with this type of gentrification, (which I along with many other Vintage Durhamites see) is that as Durham is placed on top 10 places to visit, to move to, to start up a small business or family, we still watch as native POC in Durham are increasingly marginalized, forgotten about, hidden away from sight.


Let's also be real here. The way that systematic patriarchy and racism are set up, it's not those who are taking advantage of it that have to worry. Sure, maybe you get robbed, mugged once or twice even, when someone is desperate to get whatever it is; food for their family, diapers, medicine, drugs to ease the pain. However, for the most part what systematic mind control does is convince a people that they are worthless. When you see no worth in your own life you have no problem taking the lives of people who look like you. That is what is happening in my city. That is the other side of the “Black Lives” Movement the “Hey, we're having enough trouble figuring out how to heal on our own, we don't need you destroying us too.”


It's also how Donald Trump is leading the Republican Primary race. He has no plan. No experience, well except for the fact that he can run a corporation, which is pretty much what we have allowed America to become with The Almighty Dollar being it's most compassion worthy citizen. Donald Trump speaks to the people who are already marginalized in society but still have what little they have. The un-privileged white class that just wants to be left alone in their remote small towns with their families and their happiness. The fear that they rally with is the reality that un-privileged people of color live with; that without someone, anyone powerful and scary on their side they will lose everything in the exchange of currency and resources.


How do we fix it? Well, in my humble opinion it's making space for people to create their own culture and make their stories more accessible. It isn't a whole bunch of white guilt, or white inspired and managed outreach programs. It also isn't a well meant, but lack luster cultural movement with people just screaming about pride, and matter, without really examining the history, both prideful and painful, of a people and why they (we) think the way they (we) do. Programs that encourage ideas, teach self worth, creation and options, rather than history, economics, and boundaries. Programs that bring people together over what we have in common rather than illuminate the social categories.


Welcome To Durham, where a rEvolution is still possible.

To Be Rather Than To Seem

What are you? Really? Who are you? We get so caught up in the matrix that we treat ourselves the same way we treat others. An empty “Good Morning” self, or worse “It's morning self, you have to live again. No luck peacefully dying in your sleep.” You get up, go through the motions. Watch the things. Eat the things. Clean the parts. See the day. We get so complacent, we miss the small miracles, and frequently when they are noticed, they are just sifted through the programming. How you “should” feel and react when a pleasantry happens. Think about how you FEEL, how you actually Feel when you watch or experience negativity.

Are we addicted to anxiety?

In a world where we are addicted to antipsychotics (against, mind, related) are a billion dollar mind numbing industry. So much so that we grab onto the things that make us crazy so that we get prescribed escape from a life of lack?

Do you LIKE reality tv?

The way a baby loves its toes?

The way a child loves ice cream?

Does it make you purely happy?

Or does it latch onto some unnatural need for turmoil? Are you addicted to the madness of the media, the negativity forced into the atmosphere by those who most from imprisoning in the shadows of your own anxiety. Anxiety that breaks true human connection causes illness, feeds greed and fear. There's always something more, something better than what you have and if you can't have it, then what you do have is destined to betray you.


Litmus Test

~How do you react when positivity surrounds you?

~Do you smell the flowers of a garden?

~Do you play along with an open imagination when a child invites you into their world?

~When something positive happens where does your mind go? Stress? Jealousy? Coming up with negativity to season the positive with?


This has been conditioned to us. I notice that the system has gotten smarter. People of color scream, “No more Whitewashing! It makes us angry.” In response somehow more completely ridiculous washing happens and ideas of beauty are sold to an underrepresented community. I was disappointed, not excited that there was a woman of color representing a make up company. “Now young women of color have someone to look up to!” Yes, who looks like them, telling them to buy products so that they can feel pretty... to be “Worth it.”


Litmus Test 2

~How do you feel? In all that make up? As pretty as a three year old in her daddys' shoes?

~When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Your flaws? Or your assets?

~Do you look in to your own eyes? Or just how their dressed?


Are you happy without any mirrors?


The things you have. That degree. That Job, the house the Benz.

Do you feel whole?

If you lost it all where would that leave you?

Are you comfortably floating in between things? Do they rule you? ALWAYS a clean car. A clean house. New furniture. The next phone....

Are you a slave to material?

Erase the need to use things, to impress others, or yourself.

Assume that your contribution is appreciated at soul level. How you help others in your field. How you make others feel. How you make this world a better place. Assume that you are appreciated for the warmth and genuineness of your smile rather than how it looks...

To BE rather than to SEEM.

To Be Happy, rather than to Seem Happy.

If you are lucky to be doing what you love... LOVE IT!

If you aren't... change it.

We have been fooled into thinking we need things to make us happy. We are so blind, that when we get the “things” and we still aren;t happy we think, “oh! Must need more!”

But what we need is less.

Less material

Less drama

Less demands of ourselves.


More love

More time with the people we love

More forgiveness

More passion


This is the answer, less material, judgement, and stress. More love, sharing and smiling.




...It Stays With You

This is where my review of Paris goes.

This is where I pick up where I left off, giving the universe, my small audience, and myself a place to come for inspiration, lofty ideas, love and art.

This is where I planned on demonstrating that you can critique something without tearing it apart, and still be helpful.

But instead, this is where I give in to the fact that my heart is absolutely broken.


Et In Arcadia Ego

Et In Arcadia Ego

For those of you who don't know, I spent all of October in Paris. The City of Lights, where even though I didn't speak the language, I was certain I was home. The art, the music, the dance, the food, the kindness of the people I met, and became friends with. Even the cigarette smoke lingering around every corner cafe, became a sweet melody in the key of la vie est belle.


The View from the "Beast in the Mount" Sacre Coeur

The View from the "Beast in the Mount" Sacre Coeur

The Spirit of Paris, her secrets and her delights, seduced me and my inner artist everyday. As my journey came to a close, the only thing that softened the edge of having to leave a place that felt more natural to my spirit than even my own home town, was the certainty that I would return.

Street Art at St. Germain Des Pres

Street Art at St. Germain Des Pres

Paris inspired me, and even on days that I stayed at home in the beautiful flat of my AirBNB host my heart sang, filling countless pages with new performance numbers, perspectives on life, and alchemical connections.

The Rose Garden at Hotel De Ville

The Rose Garden at Hotel De Ville

I frequently called my family in the states in the euphoria of the Parisian mindset, sharing how the simplest moments provided me a joie de vivre unparalleled in any other city I had experienced.

Arch Du Triomphe from the median of the  Champs-Élysées

Arch Du Triomphe from the median of the Champs-Élysées

I had come to Paris to clear my head, after a rather unexpected year. I went to study metaphysics, and follow the path of the freemen, the Frenchmen. I found bliss. The beauty of Paris, I discovered, began with the original settlers the Parisii who were “conquered” by Rome. Parisians all through time have been laid back lovers of life and its secrets kept in plain sight. They may have been forced to yield, in some senses, to the “lovers of death” as Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist Joann Sfar, so cleverly put it in his response to the most recent attacks, but Paris has never lost the joy, the spirit, the true freedom of its free spirit.

That energy flows with the Seine into every corner of this great international city. Its citizens like the rest of the world take to their worldly responsibilities whether they be religious, economical or otherwise, and then when those obligations are replete, they fill the streets with joy, drunkenness and appreciation for life, this is the beauty of Paris.

"Thus everything passes on earth. Spirit, beauty, graces talent. Such is the ephemeral flower that reverses the slightest wind." Catacombs

"Thus everything passes on earth. Spirit, beauty, graces talent. Such is the ephemeral flower that reverses the slightest wind." Catacombs

Parisians may seem to have an odd obsession with death, but it is because they understand that it is inevitable, which makes life all the more worth living. When I made acquaintance with immigrants to the City of Life, and they spoke of the bleakness of Parisian sentimentality, I knew that they are the adults who see a hat (See: Le Petit Prince if this reference is lost to you). It was never worth making the drawing transparent. So I spoke to them about scotch and clothing instead. Paris celebrates both the adventurer and the settler. The city sees the beauty in both roles and knows that it takes both to make any story great.

Le Petit Prince on the Carousel by Le Grand Arch

Le Petit Prince on the Carousel by Le Grand Arch


And that is why, even as an American, who is no stranger to tragedy, this is the first time my heart is broken. The taking of life for any type of ideal is never excusable, but this incident, this horrific act came so immediately after I danced in the Equality, Liberty and Brotherhood of those streets. I mourn for my City not because this type of human abuse is uncommon, but because, this act stole LIVES, and LIFE from one of the last true bastions of freedom on Earth.

My heart is in Paris. My Soul is in Paris. I left my Spirit with that City for safe keeping and it is in agony as my mind tries not to play through the moments of terror. While in North Carolina I turn the station so that I cannot obsess helplessly about the locations I am familiar with and how they are forever changed. I am fortunate that all of my Parisian family is safe, but that is not everyones experience today, and I ache for those hearts.

… and yet, I am comforted to log in and see the spirit of Paris lives on. In cartoonists thanking the world for their efforts, but turning the attention to the still raised glass of champagne. I am encouraged that art, and music, and gaiety scoffs back, “We are not afraid, you will never steal our joy!” It helps me heal, it helps the world heal. And I am in love even more with my Paris, it will forever have my heart, my art, and my gratitude for bolstering my perspective on what's true, what's right, the beauty of the time we have here, the gifts we give back to it, and the people who make it all, the pain, the joy and the work, worth living.

This Sentence So Important...

I've learned that fear limits you and your vision. It serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path. Transforming fear into freedom - how great is that?

Soledad O'Brien


Often when we lay foundation, and it is sturdy, and we have chosen the bricks well, and minded our angles, when the mountain lies below and above us and the sun is to rise and set lovingly over our creation....

A rude ass earthquake comes along and knocks our shit to the ground.


Hello, My Name Is Johanna and I tend to do the most.

So I have developed this show, that has a French Song from “Princess Tam Tam” (the 1935 Josephine Baker film) and found out there is no sheet music for it. No big deal, I paid for it to be transcribed

I put Tap, African Dance, Video, and Spoken Word in the piece. I wanted the show to be dynamic. I had already done a one woman show with monologues and songs and staging. I wanted to push myself. Having discovered in Los Angeles that I can learn anything I put my mind to, I wanted to explore as many genres of the performing arts as (reasonably) possible to tell this story.

I put in work, I paid trainers, I found a choreographer, I found my music. A decision to put it up in Durham, lead me to a venue... Or so I thought.

Aerial Lyra is the climactic scene in my show. There are maybe 15 studios in Los Angeles that teach Aerial Dance in various forms. In the triangle, there are two. Finding a place to perform was hard but with the help of my Sister I found a location that would approve the aerial and would allow me to rig.


Or so we thought.


Here we are, where we are. I cannot perform at the original location, on the original date. The eclectic Common Ground Theatre is booked and paid for. June 12th will house a spectacular performance of NOT PARCOURS. Instead JoRose Presents:



The Magical In Between

A Wonderland Cabaret Featuring Vivica C. Coxx

Stormie Daie as The Mad Hatter

Poetic Jaay as The White Rabbit

Alex and Stacy as the Tweedles



Parcours will take place as a closed workshop at Legacy Studios, with a fall public premiere as a part of Black Ops Women In The Arts Event.


I am reminded of Micheal Jordan being cut from his high school team, Beethoven being told that he would never amount to much by his music teacher, Steven Spielberg being rejected three times from film school and of course, Walt Disney for being fired from a newspaper for “lacking in ideas.”


In light of this earthquake help me “show 'em how to move in a room full of vultures.” Please come support “The Magical In Between” it will be a fantastic trip down the rabbit hole right in our own backyard. You will be entertained and enlightened in a way that you will always come to expect from a JoRose Production.


Like Xo For Real

Johanna, The rEvolutionary

A Trip To The University of California at San Diego

...A quick drive past some SUSPICIOUS military activity, beautiful mountains and an infinite Pacific horizon. UCSD is on the outskirts of San Diego just off the Golden State Freeway. I drove down to meet with Professor Bennetta Jules-Rosette and talk about Parcours, Paris, and Josephine Baker.

As soon as I pulled onto campus the Tar Heel in me thought, "I mean, this place is cool, but it's no Carolina..." Then, I parked in the visitor section of the Sociology Parking Structure, the top floor, but my car was shaded by a Solar Panel.


Touché UCSD.

I was early and assumed that I would be able to flip through some Josephine Baker books in the building but when I asked a student where the library was located, I was directed to take a short walk to the main library. She described it as a Spaceship, friends and colleagues this was the UCSD Geisel Library.

Geisel Library UCSD

JoRose snapped a photo of me speaking with Dr. Seuss regarding The Places I Have Gone, since receiving his classic book for my high school graduation. I also explained to the good Doctor, that I felt as though Parcours was affording me a new Graduation. One that would allow me to leave all Plan B's behind and move forward into the world being supported by my purpose and art.

Me and Seuss

I shared a meal with Professor Rosette and her assistant, Stephen who seemed to be on his own path to awakening and teaching the world. We talked about the magic of Paris, the Gateways of the City of Lights. I found out that my connection to Josephine Baker was similar to Professor Rosettes. She has written books about Josie, and Black Paris. Her alignment with the First Black International Superstar, is because she understands Josephines' struggle, her need to find a place where she is loved and appreciated.

Josephine like many Black American Artists and Intellectuals of her time (and today if you speak to JoRose) Long(ed) for a place where they were "judged for their" Art "not the color of their skin." Where what makes them different is Celebrated, but does not Separate them from their creative world. That they were not labeled a "Black" Painter, but just a Painter, with life stories that flavored their work, but that the work was in the same stream of their counterparts.

Professor Rosette solidified for me that the Universe put Josephine Baker on my radar, because there was a similar story to tell. As an artist outside of the mainstream stereotype, within, and without my culture, (being of Black American and Eastern European descent this is quite a triple entendre) if there was no space for me, but there was still a Fire in my Soul then I could make a way. That in the end JoRose could be celebrated as an example of the Triumph of the Human Spirit. That I could honor my Soul and Gifts, without compromising my morality and show others that it is possible.

One quote that I always loved about Josephine Baker is that she was:

"Undeniably, but not 'Untouchably' Beautiful."

My goal, with my bruises, late nights and early mornings, day jobs, two-a-day training and empty bank account is that one day someone may say of my art:

"She was Brilliant, but not 'Unattainably' so."

From my work, my dedication, my intelligence, my persistence, I want to do more than inspire a little girl like me to keep going. I want to be the spark that helps people of all walks of life find the light within themselves. I have no problem with God Souls seeing my work, my success and saying "Hell, if that girl can do it I can!"

That. Is. My. Goal.

So, Thank You Professor Rosette. Thank You Stephen. Thank You UCSD. You are blessings on my path, and I do hope to take you up on your offer and bring Parcours to UCSD to share this story with your student body. I do believe from what I saw, they will appreciate the message, and I can only hope to return some of the magic that I received on your campus back to your population.

I Love You.

JoRose and Professor Bennetta Jules-Rosette

Self Love

~Tricky. No matter how supportive or unsupportive the household you come from is, self love can prevail and is also difficult to secure. I came from a more than obsessive maternal influence. My mom still thinks with all my imperfections, the sun shines straight out of my arse, (Thanks RoRo) and I still just attained a healthy level of self love.

It's difficult, and even more difficult to love another before loving ourselves.

The issue with an “unloving” household is obvious. It is hard to love yourself when more than likely you grew up only having your flaws pointed out. You may have even come from a very unhealthy situation where your existence was manipulated so that your guardians could boost their own self esteem in public or private, but did not balance that with building you up.

Conversely, if you had a RoRo you never had to do anything to be perfect, not that loving your child should be conditional... I'm just saying that self love kind of is.

In my experience, my self love has manifested from,


Observing My Life

Setting and Achieving Goals

First came solitude. The times I've been alone (which is a lot, I am an only child, and have never had long relationships) I've had time away from people who project their needs and wants on the world around them, just so they can be validated. I can permit myself time with others and stay alone as I please. I've always had that luxury, which is beautiful, because I've never felt compelled to stay in toxic situations just because I wanted to avoid being alone.

So in my biggest alone time, driving across the country and life in Los Angeles, (two and a half years and counting) I have found a nice balance in reaching out and being happy exploring alone.

In that time I took the time to observe my life my path, my decisions, my flaws, habits, needs, delusions, wants, dreams. As a happy, healthy Angeleno (a label I never envisioned myself having, always pictured myself a New Yorker) I realized that truly, every time I felt as though I was lost in a storm, It was only my subconscious, the multiverse, bringing me to a challenge that not only steered me on the course to my ideal life, but taught me a lesson that would be used directly. I looked back at shows I wasn't cast in. Lovers that dissolved into painful memories. Forfeitures, and fixed games... I looked at every memory that lived on in real time in my spirit and saw that every little insignificant moment got me exactly where I wanted to be, with all the tools I needed to be there. To be present. To make the most out of the opportunity.


From Solitude and Observation, I learned how to be Grateful.


From a moment in my earliest time in LA I began to set goals. I wanted to free myself from all mental hindrances created by past pains. I wanted to live completely free from the expectations of others. Free from needing anyones permission or approval, acceptance or help. So that I know that my decisions are my own, from my own spirit, and therefore could never be challenged. Finally, I decided that in my mid twenties I would not start to die slowly. I would begin cleaning, strengthening and training my body and mind. Pushing myself to achieve physical, creative and metaphysical feats.


Cleaning my mind and body from degradation.


Resetting my abilities and potential to what it was as a child.


Setting goals that continued to challenge me.


To become a renaissance woman at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Here's what I've learned so far... I realized the way, the path I was eyeing was not what I wanted, and I heard RoRo telling me to be my own artist all those years ago. I realized I was ready. I realized that my amazing body was capable of doing anything I respectfully demanded of it. I realized that if I opened up to the people around me, and I loved them as fiercely as possible, rather than fear rejection, that the Multiverse would provide me with 10% awesome, beautiful souls who would love, inspire and encourage me; and 90% awesome, beautiful souls who would allow me to practice my purpose on Earth in the most loving way.

My happiness lies in making you happy, giving of myself freely because I can. Because I Am that big. Because in bringing pleasure, I am pleased. I learned that when I detach myself from the expectation of turning people into me, and wanting them to give to me as I gave to them, that I can be completely happy all the time.

I take care of myself for the world, and when the world needs, I take care of it too.

Circling back around to self love, when you love yourself as much as I love Johanna Rose Burwell, you realize that you are in charge of your own happiness. No one and no thing can provide you with what must be found within. You stop letting others ideas of your value affect you. It is their limitation, not yours as long as you have based your value on your own spirit. You expect nothing but the best from yourself and when you fall, you rise stronger because of your self love. You search for answers in honor of your God Soul, and you accept nothing but what you would give to yourself from the people in your life. You don't fault others, but you also don't let their feelings tear at you.

...and the last thing I'll say is that it is extremely difficult for you to find someone and allow them to love you, until you love yourself. As said in an earlier post, we seek out a partner that fills the holes we find in ourselves. When you love yourself, you acknowledge that these holes are not negatives, they are merely where our sand ends and our partners ocean begins. You match, appreciate and co-create with your twin flame. Until you Love yourself, you will undoubtably seek, find and damage partners who amplify you ideas of lack, instead of boost and bulid upon your strengths.

Love yourself first, and remember the African Proverb

When There Is No Enemy Within, The Enemy Outside Cannot Hurt You.”




Narcissus Fulfilled

Painted Faces

Beaten Up Dreams

Murmured Perfections Reach Across Time.

Painted Faces

Costly And Painful

Hours On End Reach Out For Validation

Painted Faces

Angular, Prideful

Smeared By Insults

Running In Hidden Tears

Paint Your Face

Lift Your Soul

A Queen You Are

Stripped Or Made.

We are Narcissus. But we are broken. We wake up in the morning and cover our imperfections. Then we post pictures reinforcing the idea that our perfections are our only worth. We paint ourselves, and indulge in the delusion of the ideal "me," This is what we walk into the world with, the face that we show. Our Accomplishments, Clothing, Jewels, only.

My message is this, Love your flaws, your imperfections, your tears, your struggles, your journey, your story.

YOU MATTER, my love.

Every part of you is Royal, every deficiency, every glitch. In every perceived inadequacy, you are a perfect expression of the divine spark. Paint what you like, but plunge in the water with the stripped you. Inundate your soul with the immortal being inside your aesthetic wrapping.

Xo JoRose


Abandon entouré d'abandon,
tendresse touchant aux tendresses…
C'est ton intérieur qui sans cesse
se caresse, dirait-on;

se caresse en soi-même,
par son propre reflet éclairé.
Ainsi tu inventes le thème
du Narcisse exaucé.

    -- Rainer Maria Rilke

Abandon surrounding abandon,
Tenderness touching tenderness…
Your oneness endlessly
Caresses itself, so they say;

Through its own clear reflection.
Thus you invent the theme
of Narcissus fulfilled.

Written By Morten Lauridsen for Les Chansons des Roses, This recording is performed by The Los Angeles Master Chorale Directed by Paul Salamunovic.


Of course you are threatened by a group who has been oppressed

Who has had everything, Dignity, Family, Life, taken from them

Who is systematically restricted

Ignored and stolen from...

Who still creates.

Who still has joy.

Who still has appeal.

Who creates and recreates from the ashes.

Of course you fear the Phoenix

But the Phoenix will rise

From the soot

From the stench of burning flesh, the Magnolia returns.

And the tree nurtured by the blood of man rises toward the Sun again,

I get it, but you forget.

This time we all write history.

The force to be reckoned with is the Phoenix

And his Pen.

Turn The Page

I always talk about "Omens," but unless you've read The Alchemist, (which I recommend you do) you may not be familiar with my intention because we usually think of "bad" omens instead of the Spiritual Guides that I follow.

Auspice though, is a French word, meaning a favorable sign, a prognostication that originally came from the observation of birds. Since I am Divinely drawn to flight, with my Phoenix Owl at my Solar Plexus and my tattered wings, I think that adopting the term auspice from now on, is in and of itself an auspice for my journey.

So, my latest auspice is the way the Multiverse sent me an Artistic-Queen-Creator-Goddess for the continued development of Parcours.

Renee "ChaCha" Settle has joined my team of creators, because I opened my purpose to the world and her brother, my friend and coworker thought enough of me to put us in contact. A Howard University Graduate and current Somebody, Renee works as an artist choreographer/ performer/ instructor in Los Angeles, and she will be choreographing a ritual dance for Parcours.

After a meeting at the Hudson Theatre, (the very place that the journey began) both her Spirit and enthusiasm for Parcours rang loudly as the Multiverse again whispered, "You're on the right path, Jo"

And for that I am grateful.

As I continue to find Auspices in the mundane day to day activities, like going to my day job, I encourage you to do the same.

Trust Your Path, Know Your Worth and Share Your Journey. You never know when your words will find and place the bridge over the canyon you hadn't quite figured out how to cross yet.



And this year when chaos returned, even she was silent. In solace with Him she rose and fell without a trace. Underneath, half their BeLoved tipped towards death. Their children, in a cacophony of mislead Celebration and confused Anarchy swayed dangerously close to an edge they refused to acknowledge.

“If they could only see themselves as we see them,” she thought, “they would understand the freedom that is their birth right.”

It seemed so simple, but Luna failed to consider the youth of the children. Sol, Loving as ever, even in Terras far off spin, gazed on his Love and warmed Luna,

“You ask much of an infant slowly wakening. They will lose many things needlessly, that's true, but this time the light will prevail.” Luna knew this to be true, and it pained her that there was, and would be so much suffering, but for a second turn she stayed with Sol. “Imagine wakening, blessed with the epiphany that all of life is an experience of the Cosmic! That there is no end, only remembering and resting. It is difficult, but they will see. Even in one's own low swing on the pendulum of a cycle, there is an equal balance happening for another, who is also themselves. That is what we are giving them.”

Terra turned her tears away, on the third day she wept. She knew the way would be excruciating. She did not know how much damage would be done to her beautiful body as her children shed their ideals the only way they knew how, but she knew she would recover. For every fallen soul she would moan, she would cry out in agony, and then, her own Da'at would be silenced.

Sol began to rise again, starting the cycle on a new point. The path had begun, the children who were to be the teachers awakened, and took their charge. It was a long journey, but Sol and Luna would be there, as they always had been, in support of Terra and their children throughout all of existence.

Let there be... Light.

Forgive the Missing Crown Chakra Please! This post is about opening the Third Eye.   

Forgive the Missing Crown Chakra Please! This post is about opening the Third Eye.


Black Soul

Black hole via University of Warwick / Mark A. Garlick

Black hole via University of Warwick / Mark A. Garlick

Turn your gaze on the rising light that By nature avoids detection.

Allow yourself to be drawn to the point of no return,

See that haunting event horizon.

Split the light from this vantage point Illuminating the chaotic expanse within.

The stars, Living hot and fast creating a Legacy of burning light elements.

The chain of events That Inevitability, where order disappears.

That strange dark sphere exploiting its environment with its influence.

That work of Theory where energy transforms matter.

That warped space time.

That turmoil of mergers Where things move faster towards the center,

And still fight to rise back above.

The purpose of matter is to distort the space around it.

Stars blow off their fuel and collapse.

Imprisoning their own light, they come into existence.

On this third dimension, they wrap themselves in a gravitational field.

The dark mysterious sphere still takes in all light,

But here, light is reimagined to define the Universe around them.

Not what you believe, a hole in space

Instead, an enveloping of the Universe in an Iris to begin a life cycle.

A traveling across time to a human existence,

To take in and reassemble the Light, and Love Eternally.

Xo, JoRose


Parcours: The Beginning

"Allow me to reintroduce myself... My name is" JoRose. I am the free spirit inside Johanna Rose Burwell. I am the reason she has never given up on her purpose. I wouldn't let her quit when people told her she'd never be able to dance, that she can't sing. I sent her to AMDA in NYC after she wasn't cast in shows at UNC Chapel Hill. The whisper bugging her to study Beyoncé, and to be consistently curious about why the world doesn't add up. You can thank me and that curiosity for her first One Woman Show "The Sacred Feminine." She moved to Los Angeles, California, a place SHE never wanted to be, because of my restlessness. When you look at her and wonder, why she can seem fearless, relentless... It's not her. It's me.

Now, don't get me wrong she's great, and of course I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her imagination and dreams. I nag and push her forward, but she is the fighter. The actual person who never gives up. She actually just recently let me loose, gave me a name (Well, the name Marjie and Dwight gave me back in 2007).

So, with all that said, here is what's going on now. The world is broken, the industry is broken. We got tired of hearing we weren't "enough" but then reading all those inspirational quotes about how we "are". So keeping the brokenness in mind, and realizing that at 27 we are exactly who we always wanted to be, we decided to take on the true purpose of this life. To take responsibility of fixing it.

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”― Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you Gandhi. Like that wise man said, we may not make a difference, but we must try.

So Johanna has been researching, writing, compiling, collaborating and gaining as much bravery as possible over the last few months. She was originally inspired by a One Man Show in the Hollywood Fringe Festival by Arthur Ross called "Shuffle Along," and also by one of her customers pulling her aside and telling her how much she reminded him of Josephine Baker.

So, what is in development is a one woman performance art piece called "Parcours" (French for Journey, she's so fancy)

We went to France to study Josephine Baker. We visited her castle Chateau de Milandes in the Dordogne region of Southern France, and got research clearance in Paris to the Bibliothèque nationale de France to further our understanding of her life and art. Ironically, although the script is not based on Josie Bakers life, man does it mirror. Maktub

This past weekend, Johanna met for the first time with her Lyra Choreographer who also studied in Paris. Kate Bera is a champion Vertical Dancer who trained specifically on Lyra/Aerial Hoop at the École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois. They are working on the cosmic intervention piece that uses the music of Jocelyn Ellis, Johannas' sista from anotha mista.

Also this weekend Johanna met one of the most inspiring souls she has in a long time. London McCall is a fellow Tar Heel living in Southern California getting a Masters degree in Positive Psychology. She has also started an apparel company she has named Sens De La Vie, that focuses on life purpose. Talk about omens- "Meaning of Life" "Journey" London has agreed to assist in costuming the Cosmic Intervention.

Wow, this is a long one, sorry y'all. We are almost done... With the guidance of her very mystical sister and fellow theatrical expert JaMeeka Holloway, she got an outline down on paper and wrote this short abstract.

"I am creating a performance art piece that will serve the purpose of examining Identity versus Purpose in a world entering The Age of Aquarius. The first half of the work will focus on the confusion caused by giving too much importance to the identification that is imposed on an individual by an outside world. The central (climactic) scene depicts a conversation where the performer comes to her purpose after a Cosmic Intervention. The second half reveals her as a teacher, helping others see that a larger consciousness that is accessible as we move away from old ideas and definitions of life. The performances will be based on the style of Josephine Baker. The performance numbers of the piece will include Tap, 1920's Jazz, Operetta, Dans Savage, Aerial Hoop, Egyptian Stick and Contemporary Dance. The goal of the performance art piece is to be an example of the Transformational Quality of Art (theatre). As the artist is transformed on the stage, I hope to uplift the spectators. I aim to bring about a traditional cathartic experience through the joy of Josephine Bakers style of entertainment, and and optimistic rhetoric about the future."

...and so to recount, I am the Love inside of Johanna. I Love her, and her Dream, but most of all I Love you, all of you, and the Love inside of you. The Divine Spark that keeps your Dreams alive, for yourselves, for your children... for our future as an Earth community of spirit beings.

Follow Along, just like all true art, this project is in service to you. We owe our gifts back to the God in you and all over the world, the Multiverse we came from, that assigned us this fire at birth.



"Create And Live Forever" -Paradyce

This is The Tour de Eiffel, Not Montmartre, but you get the point, pic and post two different locations.

From Montmartre, the highest point in Paris, in a cafe named Cabaret de la Bohème with a cognac and a knot in my stomach I free the third type of Love, Creation. (The Opposite Of War Isn't Peace...It's Creation. -Johnathan Larson)

The All, the Divine Creative Spark that we come from and carry within us is closest to our Human-Being when WE Create, that is when we are most like God.

Creation comes in so many forms, and whether we realize it or not, it is always a Labor of Love. Creation in our dimension tends to demand a lot of us. Unlike The All that Creates with thought and cyclical pieces of itself, we have to use things outside of ourselves to Create. We write, paint, sculpt, organize, build, design, and birth. Creation as Love is the thing that we leave behind, it is our mark on this Earth. It can never die because it lives on in the works of Creation it inspires.

The World (r)evolves by Creation. When we look for romantic partners to pro-create with, do we not seek the matching piece to ourselves? We are biologically engineered to Create  New Humans that are an advancement of ourselves, the Younger, Stronger, Faster Us. It is the same with all Creations. When we demand the best of ourselves, when we work hard and to the fullest of our potential we free the Divine Spark within us, in our Creation. So comrades, fellow REvolutionaries Focus! Seek! and Release! Find Peace by Freeing the God Within. Create in Love and Live Forever!

October 12 2014

When I was at Carolina I took a media studies class. The Professor was a Grad Student, and he was so enthusiastic, (at least outwardly) that I nicknamed the class "Mediasness." This was also the class that I met @Will_Wildfire. It was a lot to take in as the Professor explained that "Media" was any and everything. Not just the social applications on my smartphone, it was the smartphone itself. It (media) was the mediation, the mediator, the medium(s) by which the world around us was transported. Also, in my young adulthood, old people made fun of how much time we spend wrapped up in our technology. We have been labeled the "Me" Generation, but "We" must remember that what we see in others is what we know about ourselves. These elders who, we learned the hard way, did not have all the answers, are the ones keeping us from jobs. They label us selfish and lazy, meanwhile they drive their accomplishments, their creations into the ground rather than pass the reigns over to the Younger, Smarter, Faster them. They made fun of us for choosing Social Media over their antiquated paper news system and television reporters. Their mediums die out, or run into the manipulating hands of Rupert Murdoch. WE through trial and error have lifted social media to a veritable force in the mediation of the world around us. We don't trust the news as far as we could throw a TV (that doesn't adapt to WIFI), but we yell, online - to each other. We Rage about a world we have been cut out of. We express in the way we are watched that we are not fooled. We know you're there. We know our politicians are money hungry clowns. We know we can't trust you and now with social media, we know that we have each other, and that's all we need to build our own world. You're welcome to join us... whenever.


The REvolution

The Case Of Feminism

Note: This Post Pairs With "TheWomanWhoWouldBeKing" PortFolio Piece In Honor Of Hatshepsut.

Our world is divisive.

So often instead of seeing each other as we are (all connected), we focus on the small details that make us different. This is not to say that we should ignore the differences, they are what make is unique expressions and we should honor them (Love each other) but, instead we acknowledge our differences and fear one (An)(Other). This "Otherness" is deeply ingrained in us and it is actually the biggest obstacle on the path to true Freedom, Love, Happiness and Enlightenment.

Even when we attempt to uplift each other we often divide, believing that our own specific ideology is the only way. Attempting to conquer through ostracization.

The Feminist movement is currently suffering from othering, which could begin with the realization that the word "Feminism" in and of itself separates one group from (an)(other). Of course some activists will say that the word is necessary to call attention to the issue, rather than just using Humanism (which again would separate humans from all other Sacred Beings, which we are not)

Within the "Feminist Movement" there are people defining who can and cannot be considered a Feminist based on their practices. These ideas of acceptable and unacceptable practices, it must be noted, are frequently straight out of the patriarchal dogma. Feminists can't be sexy, because if you're sexy it's for men. Feminists aren't allowed to enjoy sex, because its all or nothing. Either you like men and live under the established protocol, or you are asexual. The idea that women who uphold a respect for men and a desire for them in their lives cannot be feminists.

Its a dance within a broken system, divisive and anticlimactic. Battles will be won, sure, but once those battles are won we fall right back into the same imbalance. We fight for rights that no one had authority to take away in the first place by acknowledging otherness. Once we "Level the Playing Field" by calling upon our sameness, we all come from a Womban who needed a Man to create Life... We may start breaking the ground towards balance. In a matriarchal society, the Feminine and Masculine there is mutual respect and honor of the Divinity and Grace in both parties. Even anatomically we are essentially the same.

So, every(one) is human, and every(thing) is sacred and should be honored and respected. All of our worth, bestowed upon us, our birth right, from The All, the Multiverse. Feminism should lead to the ultimate goal of allowing Womban and Men, and every self identification in between to express themselves, show their strength, as they are, and be accepted and Loved regardless. That Every Womban does as she wants, as she believes, guided by her own inner truth and Divine Spark, not expectations imposed on her by an imperfect society. We as Spiritual Beings should value each other. It is our Divine Right to use this Earth experience to Live, Learn to Feel and Love, Grow and Leave a Mark.

So that others may see. Live and Be an Example of What is Possible.

What is True.

What is Beautiful.

and why we are all part of the same Spirit. Only when we Honor it in each other do we do we find it in ourselves. So Dance, Dream, Stumble On and Love Everybody in the process.


For The Love of A Muse

Muses are one of the most wonderful gifts we can allow ourselves because they help us practice the second of the Three basic forms of Love, Appreciation.

Somewhere in our evolution, we got confused and began to think that Love was about possession. That line of thought has ultimately manifested itself in our overwhelming habit of Loving possessions and using people. This manifestation probably also has a base in the reality that we are so often hurt when we finally realize that that person we Love is not a "thing" we own. We can trust possessions that we own. They don't disappoint, except for the fact that they also don't fulfill.

There are two points to be made here.

One: In order to Love at all you must Love yourself first. Take care of yourself. Forgive yourself. Never settle because it is easy. When you push yourself to get the things you want out of life, then you are even more capable of Loving someone else. Knowing that your happiness isn't reliant upon but ultimately complimented by their presence in your life.

Two: Along the way of finding, creating and Loving yourself, find one.. or three... or nine Muses. Find companions that inspire you, keep you on track, or take you on a detour, so that you can experience all that this life has to offer on your journey. These Muses are usually temporary. Even if they stay with you for ever their role and distance, frequency and weight in your life will change over time. If you are conscious in your interactions with them, you will Appreciate them and they will allow you to practice Love without ownership. We all have Muses through life and too often we fall in Love (whether we want to admit it of not) and hurt ourselves when we realize that these companions, who have contributed so much to our personal growth (negatively and positively) are not ours to keep. If we consciously Appreciate our Muses, then when are are READY for a Romantic lasting companionship, we won't be so frightened of losing them that we try to control our way through the relationship. We will Appreciate them for all that they bring to our lives and never try to possess out of fear, because once again fear is the opposite of Love.


The Romance of Terra The Worship of Sol

Did you know that as we head into the Age of Aquarius, there are studies that suggest that our SUN (son) is actually a part of a Binary System? There could be another entity, possibly a brown dwarf (a protostar that never grows large enough to ignite and become a star) that dances a tango of jealousy with our Sun ~God~ causing imbalances in our system which could have lead to mass extinctions on Terra every 23 and/or 65 million years. Talk about Good and Evil, it's even referred to as the "Nemesis" Star. Dope. I think Nemesis' Love for our Sun is just misunderstood. I will rename her Nalaia, that's prettier.

ANYWHO that's not really what this post is about. This post is about Love. (Spoiler Alert: All Posts Will Be About Love.)

I frequently muse on how absolutely true it is that Gravity is the purest form of Love. Terra smothers us with Love, even when it hurts. Even when it would need to release us from its Love so we could fly, just in order to live, Terra pulls us back and in the end consumes us within herself.  In life we are pulled toward each other and situations that give us opportunity for growth and sets us on the path of our Personal Legend.

As for the Sun (Sol) , our current understanding is that there is one Sun aiding our life and growth, with so much Love for us that it keeps us in constant orbit. Swings us around, giving us extra Love in the Spring and Fall, pulling us back when we stray in the Summer/Winter.

Terra, Feminine, curvaceous, fertile and beautiful Loves Sol back. Consistently tilted in its direction, faithful in her companionship. However, her suitors are many. Most of all Luna, pulling Terras tides, in her courtship. Terras children though nourished by and reliant on Sol turn their faith to other Celestial Gods within and without the home system.


Just as Terra is pulled and in connection with all of her Celestial Courtesans so are we on the ground as her children. We are distracted by each other the Love we emit and the Love that we need. Love is all that there is, but as humans we have forgotten that Love is All There Is. That we can Be and Love without abusing it by only practicing Romantic Love. We are conflicted when we Love more than we have been taught that we are supposed to, cause pain when we act on Love irresponsibly, and become destructive to ourselves, humanity and Terra when we desert Love out of our confusion and adapt a life lived in Fear instead.

Just as Terra Loves  Sol, Luna and all of her companions in different ways we are to Love each other. Someone is your Jupiter, god of the Oceans, your Mars, companion in "war" Luna may be your best friend turning your tides and regulating your cycles, your Venetian  morning star. You have seasonal constellations, those who stay and share Love only for a short time with their own purpose and effect.

What we must hope is that just as no matter how far Terra gets from Sol they return to each other, one day across our independent life paths our Gravity pulls us together with our Sol-Mate. Your Sol is your partner, who gives life to the whole being that you already are. In the partnership you are both at once Sol and Terra. Constant forces in each others lives, worshiping the Divine Light within and respecting, not ever feeling threatened or Fearful of the Love your Sol-Mate shares with other Celestial Beings. Sol is not jealous of Luna, but shares light with Terras closest companion, which only makes Terra all the more beautiful. Terra respects Jupiter although Sol shares its Gravity and Light with this very different larger body. The Love Sol has for Terra is hers and hers only.

You should hope to find your Sol-Mate. You will respect each others boundaries and see beauty in all of the Love and Life that other forces have had on your partner. You will bring out the best in each other and share your Light so that they shine even more beautifully.

And... Every so often a Brown Dwarf may come around and shake things up out of jealousy. Relationships aren't easy, but believe me, Sol is worth it.

As Above, So Below


We Need Art because we live in a world that ignores change, responsibility, repercussions, and inevitability. We judge and condemn people for growth unless it is within or merging towards the established social norms. It Is Through Art that we are forced to acknowledge the the Laws of the Universe, that our actions have consequences be they positive or negative. Stories, Movies, Plays, good Music, even some Fine Art, is about Change. Or...

~The Evolution of A Spirit Through Its Dimensional Circumstances~

Art Is About What We All Do. Steal. -isms, traits, manners and how we decipher the world through them. With Art we face ourselves and we Uphold The Artist Who Forces It. The one who admits SHe sees, and makes us see too. Art Is An Escape From The Prison Of Our Own Minds, our opportunity to remind ourselves of a connection to something more, something Universal. Something that we can ignore, because eith there will be time - or there won't. Its the fault of the mechanism.