We Need Art because we live in a world that ignores change, responsibility, repercussions, and inevitability. We judge and condemn people for growth unless it is within or merging towards the established social norms. It Is Through Art that we are forced to acknowledge the the Laws of the Universe, that our actions have consequences be they positive or negative. Stories, Movies, Plays, good Music, even some Fine Art, is about Change. Or...

~The Evolution of A Spirit Through Its Dimensional Circumstances~

Art Is About What We All Do. Steal. -isms, traits, manners and how we decipher the world through them. With Art we face ourselves and we Uphold The Artist Who Forces It. The one who admits SHe sees, and makes us see too. Art Is An Escape From The Prison Of Our Own Minds, our opportunity to remind ourselves of a connection to something more, something Universal. Something that we can ignore, because eith there will be time - or there won't. Its the fault of the mechanism.


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