I am watching the entire world.
— Johanna Rose, March 2019

It is a fascinating thing to receive your consciousness and purpose at the very same moment. “She wanted to be an astronaut, but her mom told her no, so now she dances in the air instead.” This is my artist bio. My first memory is telling my mother I wanted to board one of those breathtaking machines at the Museum of Life and Science. Still aiming for the stars, I took up the life of a performance artist. My artistic path was initiated by becoming familiar with Mariah Carey, the only other interracial person I had ever heard of.

Since that moment I have transitioned in content and form many times before finally finding what vibrates as my true path. For the last ten years I have trained and studied the world, searching for a deeper meaning to life and art. I trained in the performance programs of North Carolina Central University under Karen Dacons-Brock and Lenora Zenzalai Helms- Hammond. In New York City, Phillip George, director of Forbidden Broadway, encouraged that I both “had what it takes,” and should also do the work of defining my own idea of “success.” It was in Christopher Nelson’s Marxism and Anthropology during my final semester at UNC-Chapel Hill, I solidified my goal, to bring lofty philosophical ideas to palatable manifestations through performance art with a heavy focus on movement.

This path was absolutely, designated. Without the continuous appetite for finding what felt absolutely right, I would not have found what has become absolutely true; that being born, at the end of the age with a passion for performance and the enlightenment of the human spirit puts me in a heavy crown to merge the two in an art sui generis.

My most recent project was a multi-faced piece called Parcours. It was a representation of the megamyth and included themes of metaphysics, life cycles, the Platonic Year, and intrapersonal awareness a vision I plan to continue manifesting in future projects.

The practice of social deconstruction and reconstruction, challenging of authority, as in the authorship of contemporary covenant is a main fibre of the work I create. Over the last year I have decided to stretch my practice by offering private coaching and workshops in my favorite disciplines find offerings in the “Rose Colored Classes.”

If you would like to support me as I continue building my overall artistic goal of inspiring, through my work, social shift toward purpose and love driven lifetimes, check out my patreon, sign up for a workshop, or book me!


Think You’ve Seen Me Around?



Men On Boats


ArchAndroid Orchestrated

Kink Carnival  (October & November)


Buy My Body and Call It A Ticket

You Are Here

Casa Chango Circus Show Aerialist


Bed Talks                                                                                                            



Millennium Boy (Reading)                                                                                    

NC Pride 2017 Aerialist                                                                                        

Circus Spark 2017 Aerialist                                                                                    

The Early Show Does Pride                                                                                    

Discordia Days Burlesque Festival Aerialist                                                          

Riot Kittens Presents: La Fin Du Monde                                                              

NerdVana Presents So, you Want to Be a Henchman?                                       

Third Fridays Durham July-Sept                                                                          

The Royal Cosplay Invitational Burlesque Revue                                                 

The Beautiful Ones: Prince Themed Scholarship Event  Aerialist                       

Revenge of the Otaka: Animazement Burlesque Show                                        

New York to Raleigh: Burlesque Scholarship Event                                            

Inking A New Road: Spoken Word Scholarship Event                                         

Sexy Dancer: Burlesque Tribute to Prince  Aerialist                                            

Alight Aerial Dance Winter Show                                                                        

Arcana Artist in Residence: Garden of Delights                                                

Goddesses of Geekdom Burlesque Show                                                          

Syrus Lune Experience Aerialist                                                                         

Afrotease Burlesque Show Aerialist                                                                   

Bright Half Life                                                                                                    



The Typographers Dream                                                                                   

Electrip Cab Aerialist                                                                                            

Sexy Dancer: Burlesque Tribute to Prince Aerialist                                            

Bare: JoRose and the Misfits                                                                          

10X10 Play Festival                                                                                               

Summer Soulstice Pop Up                                                                                  

Sirene de la Nuit One Woman Show                                                                  

Black Magic Pop Up Aerialist                                                                            

Turn Me Loose Showcase Aerialist                                                                     



The Shipment                                                                                          

Fannie Wonka Burlesque Showcase                                                      



Fannie Sinclairs Funhouse Mystique                                                      

The Skirt Attack of Skivvy Beach                                                            

Dorians Descent                                                                                        

The Tin Man Did It Better                                                                        






Justice Theatre Project

Gallery 5 Richmond, Va


The Fruit

The Fruit

NC Museum of Art

La Punta, Mexico

Nasher Museum of Art

The Fruit


Durham NC

The Bar Durham

SparkCon Raleigh NC


Greensboro NC



Durham NC

Chapel Hill NC

The Vault




Monkey Bottom Collaborative

Hillsborough NC



Durham NC

Richmond Va

ManBites Dog Theatre


Black Ops/ManBitesDog


Gallery 5 Richmond, Va

Beyu Caffe                                                                                       

Carrboro Arts Center

 Black Ops


The Carrack

Raleigh NC


Black Ops/ Little Green Pig

Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood Fringe Festival

Los Angeles, CA





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