Bare Outline with songs and context


Song: Movin' Cool- Enter from Kitchen Probably Play around the tables. Make way to stage by second verse.


Song: Hometown Glory- This is such a great place to grow up. However, I couldn't love you until I left you.

Call To Adventure/ Self Surrender

~giving up what is known to discover what is possible~

Song: Wildflower- Here I felt chained. I was in pain, I didn't understand why, but I knew I had to leave.

Threshold Guardians

Song: Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home- the bravery to roam, to find yourself somewhere else.

~the refusal of the call, leads to a helper~

Song: Let Him Fly

~the journey leads you to your mentor~

Song: Hotel California Its there I found my purpose.


Challenges/ Temptations/ Separation


Why I had to do this show. Why it's everyones story. Why I do what I do. How my own battles with resistance have always been a battle for me. My Challenge is letting go of the monkeys on my back keeping me quiet and fighting the battle for everyone to see.

Abyss/Ego Death

~sometimes its not a scary belly of a whale, sometimes its just learning to be yourself, with yourself, by yourself~

Song: I Met A Girl/ Wild Child- I met, accepted and married myself. Self Love 

(Death of who I thought I was/ Revelation of who I am meant to be)

Song: Fairytale- I am whole and dope... and Unbothered


Transformation/Permanent End to Societal Ego

~through my travels, alone, I am transformed~

Song: Drops Of Jupiter- Returning with what Ive learned to save myself, in the place I am supposed to be!


~reconciliation. Agreement. I finally understand this song~

Song: On & On-The man who know one thing knows that he knows nothing at all.

Gift Of the Goddess Merging with Transcendent Other

~I have permission to ALWAYS FLY and so I am free~

Song: Flight- I am free no matter where I am. I am the master of myself. I am a student of the great work.

Closing/ Merging with Others

~lets just be great~

Song: XO-Your face is all that I see as I continue on this terrifyingly exhilarating path.