JoRose. Free Spirit. Universe-Soul.

The Myth, The Fury Within, JoRose is an entity to be dealt with. She is the Bravery and Freedom within each of us to trust our work and our Connection to the Universe.


JoRose is who you see. She is what you want. Clumsy, unapologetic, confident, loved and alive. She walks as the clouds come down to court her. As If At Any Moment Her Whole Being May Be Blown Away, Back Into The Sun.

Johanna Rose Burwell. Artist. Leader.

Born at the end of an Age, Johanna Rose Burwell uses all of her gifts as a Neo-Renaissance Woman to Enlighten her community and share her Soulful Journey.


Consistently dancing between artist and muse, Johannas influence can be found in the photography of Jazz Beitler. Her theatrical talents are featured frequently on stage in Los Angeles. Her Philosophies Across The World Wide Web.